Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've been a baaaad girl. Last post was in July. Let me update you.

First: A&S challenge went off, and I got a $25 gift card for Hancocks. That was nice.
I made mittens, and I still have to put fur or other trim around the cuffs.

Second: I did not make anything besides the salwar for Midnight at the Oasis, so I didn't go. *shrug* I'm sure I'll get to it eventually or use the fabric for something else.

Third: Angus has been drawn into the fold. We made him a pair of salwar out of the hunter/burgundy plaid fabric. He likes them. He's not sure if he's going Scottish (Angus) or Viking or Russian or what. We'll see.

Fourth: We hosted and I autocratted University, where I learned to Knit and Nalbind. Now to get a nalbinding needle!! I finished my first knitting project: a cream colored hotpad. I'll snap a pic and post it.

Fifth: The butterflies band on the sampler was completed last night. I'll post another pic tonight.

Sixth: going to work on finishing some crochet projects (steve's blue/black block blanket, bryan's spider red/black blanket) and finish the beast before I start anything else. I need to set up another band design for the beast. I'll prolly work on that today.

Seventh: I'm holding a "learn how to crochet" class tomorrow night at my home. It's not SCA period, but it get's people interested in yarn/fibre arts. Interest is one step toward learning new and more.

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