Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot A&S challenge


Lady Masina has posed a summer A&S challenge: to make an accessory for winter wear. (Whenever I hear "winter wear, I think "Ymir", but I'm going to try to attend War of the Wings in October, and that COULD get pretty dang-gone cold.) I've narrowed it down to either an embroidered coif or mittens. I think I'm leaning towards mittens. I have some upholstery fabric that I can make for the outside, then line them with fleece to keep my hands toasty warm. (I can only use fabric from my current (meager) stash, plus a max of $10 for trim, etc. The severely limits my options, since I don't have that much fabric "stashed".) This makes mittens not only do-able, but practical. The challenge for me is to get them done before Mid-August.

I've also thought about cutting the pointy ends of my parkas off and making THAT the outer layer of my mittens, and lining them with fleece, so they will be as waterproof as my parka, (and match!) but I'm not so sure I want to be mucking around with that, especially considering how much it would cost to remake them. (OY!) AND I have to take the hood off and sew it on the right way anyways (I sewed the hood on with the circle part out, rather than the flat part out. I switched Steve's hood over and it works SO MUCH BETTER.)

Anyway, I've also been asked to make two wrist bands (about 10" each) of blackwork embroidery on linen bands, for use by a dear friend who is going to become a preacher on August 9. She said she doesn't have to have the bands by August 9, but it's another project I will be working on once the A&S thing is completed, before I continue on with the beast.

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