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Old Newspaper articles

So I found some newspaper articles that were written when I was in Drachenwald 12 years ago. I have re-typed the text on the color photo one, since it's hard for me to read.


Thursday, January 16, 1997
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Society steps back in time.

HISTORY fans took a step back in time at the weekend for a medieval celebration to mark Twelfth Night.

Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism dressed in period costume for the event at Great Stukeley Village Hall.

The group, founded in the United States 30 years ago, is dedicated to researching and recreating the period 1066 to 1600, including its weapons, clothing, and crafts.

Nikki Smith, who has taken on the persona of Kiarah, a woman from the Isle of Man in the early 1300s, said: "We sew our own garb and we do medieval cooking, we make our own meads, ales and wines and study arts and crafts. Anything they did then we do now."

The group's local "shire" runs from Cambridge to York, and has both American and British members.

~Nikki is pictured being defended by Rudolph Ramsey (real name Randy Rainbow) against Fritz the peasant (Ted Zimmers). Also pictured is Beth Porter, playing Alexandra the Eclectic.


MIDDLE MEN: The Society for Creative Anachronism recreated the Middle Ages at Great Stukeley Village Hall last Saturday for a special Twelfth Night Celebration. Tid Zimmers (bottom), is seen here with Rudolph Ramsey (Randy Rainbow), Kiarah (Nikki Smith) and Alexandra Eclectic (Beth Porter).

The Society is a non-profit making educational organization dedicated to the researching and recreating of the customs, combat, courtesy, and arts of the middle ages. Local events include fighting practive, parades, and medieval tournaments.

CONTACT: For more information telephone Nikki Smith on (01480) 497388.


FRIDAY, Jan 17, 1997

How would you like to belong to a society where you can work your way up from peasant to become the king or queen of a country the size of Europe?

As good citizens of Drachenwald it is within your grasp to climb those dizzy heights, as long as you join the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

So I was informed by Kiarah, the historian of the Shire of Pont Alarch, alias Nikki Smith, of Virginia Way in St. Ives.

Nikki (26) is a lady from America whose husband, David, is in the USAF at RAF Lakenheath. Both are enthusiastic members of this intriguing society, which was founded in the United States in 1966 and has since become a worldwide organisation.

Nikki explained that the society is basically an educational organisation, dedicated to 'researching and recreating the customs, combat, courtesy and arts of the Middle Ages.'

The merry band build weapons, armour and shields and enjoy many a battle at their medieval tournaments and revels. Nikki said, "Our guilds study and practise brewing, calligraphy, needleowrk, armoury and many other 'lost' arts."

Incidentally, the world is divided into Kingdoms. There are 13 at present and her in Britain we are ing the Kingdom of Drachenwald, which encompasses Europe. Apparently we just are not big enough yet to qualify as a kingdom.


Nikki - as Kiarah - is hoping to eventually raise her status from lowly lady historian to the higher nobility. it is not easy, but it is possible for advancement in the heirarchy by wielding a sword well, embroidering superbly or designing and making bodkins, wimples and dresses and so on.

Nikki described the whole process as being "lighthearted but authentic". Incidentally there are equal opportunites for both sexes on the field of honour, so ladies don't have to sit embroidering. They too can become champions alongside the chaps.

Nikki and David (Othello the Wanderer) were married in Arizona two and a half years ago. They had a full medieval wedding with swords and oath of fealty to the bride - the works. I know, I watched the video.

About 25 people in the Huntingdon and Cambridge area 'play' - 'both Brits and Americans,' said Kiarah. They meet on the fourth Thursday of every month to discuss business and forht coming local events, such as parades and feasts.

The Shire of Pont Alarch historian said, 'It realy is more than just a hobby, it has become a great part of my life. If for any reason we had to leave it for a while, it is nice to know it will be the same when we return."

The Smith family, who are expecting a new baby soon, will be leaving our shores this year to return home. However, ther are happy to know another medieval kingdom awaits their arrival.

If anyone would like to join the SCA they can ring Nikki on 01480 497388.

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