Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AER: Spring Crown

After Event Review: Spring Crown Tournament
May 2, 2009
4H Center, Swansboro, NC

Being a list of notes and thoughts on how to make travel/site/eventing an easier/cheaper/less stressful happening.

  1. Setting the Tone of the Day:

    • We had a departure goal of 6:30am. We awoke at 5:30am.

    • Packed chairs in back of the trunk first, then the living room end table (it folds up) then gazebo then cooler. Packed all fabric covers and feast gear in the upholstery "bags" in the empty spaces. Got all that in plus Justin's sword.

    • The cooler did *not* get ice until we stopped for breakfast in Vanceboro, at the Bojangles next to the Hess. Got BF at the Bojangles and Ice/travel drinks and 2liters at the Hess. The cooler being in the front made it easy to fill it with drinks/ice.

  2. Maps:

    • I printed out maps there and back from Google Maps. I found them to be accurate and Good To Use™.

    • Bryan was a better navigator than Jerot. Go figure.

  3. Health/Well Being:

    • We brought sunscreen, the spray on kind, and used it BEFORE Baroness Morwenna came over. I was proud of myself.

    • Ticks. I hate ticks. ACTION ITEM: (1)Find Tick repellent and apply liberally to all portions of body prior to dressing in the morning. (2) There is enough time between now and the next planned event to make a coif. Do that, and get the hair COVERED!!!

  4. Comfort:

    • The walls I bought for the gazebo were brilliant. I'd still like to get some banners for Cathanar and eventually my device to hang up.

    • Still have to get the sheets done for the chairs.

    • That break down table with the fabric was great. Really helped alot from last time.

  5. We did not attend feast, but we did have a light board with Masina and Sebastian which was lovely. We brought plates n stuff and that was nice. Well done!

  6. Actually use the camera!!

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