Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I submitted my name and device at Crown last weekend.
What I intended to submit: Name

Eleonora z Praha (Czech for Helen of Prague)

Problem: Can't document Eleonora in any language other than Italian, even though I can prove that 5 Slavic countries use Eleonora for Eleanor and Helen in modern day usage.

Since it can only be documented in Italian (Via Eleonora di Toledo and Duchess Eleonora of Sicily), I can use it, but the remainder of my name must be in Italian or Latin to match.

Options: Change "Eleonora" to "Elena" or change "z Praha" to "Pragensis" or "di Praga"

So I submitted as "Eleonora Pragensis". Although I'm wondering if "Eleonora di Praga" would have been cooler.

What I intended to submit: Device

Sable, a three tailed lion rampant guardant Or, in chief argent a trikelion of spirals gules.

(In non Heraldry speak, that's a black shield with a gold three tailed lion with his legs up like he's attacking, but his head is facing the viewer with it's tongue hangin out. On the top 1/3rd of the shield is a white strip with a celtic spiral in red.)


A triskelion of spirals is considered "thin line heraldry", because it's hard to distinguish it from other things at a distance.

So I asked them to just drop the chief off (the white strip part). We tried that, but the black shiled + lion are the coat of arms for Belgium. So I had to put something else on it.

I put the white chief back on, and was advised that once passed, I can use artistic license to draw the charge on the chief, so I used red crescent moons. So my blazon, if approved will be:

Sable, a three tailed lion rampant gaurdant Or, in chief argent a triskelion of crescents gules.

I'm wondering now if I should have used the Triskeles instead of crescents, but we'll see if it passes as is. If not, I'll have to change the whole thing. Dangit.

I'm going to keep my email address the same until I get the confirmation that Eleonora Pragensis has registered, then I'll change. Who knows, I might end up Eleonora di Praga.

I wonder if I have to remove Dáma (Czech for Lady) or if I have to use Signora (Italian for Lady).

Signed, Dáma Eleonora z Praha ((Signora Eleonora Pragensis))

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