Sunday, May 31, 2009

So I bought a floor stand from E-bay for $15 and things are progressing nicely on the "beast". I will work on it most of the day today, and should finish it.

I'm coming into a busy few weeks where I won't have time to work on it, but after things calm down, I plan to place two butterflies, in boxes framed by interlaced borders, on the next row. The butterflies will be an experiment in fillwork of all different types, and this is when I'm going to start working on the Holbein stitch, which up to now I haven't been using.

I want to center them on the piece, which means I'm going to have to count the width of my workable area on the fabric, then count the width of the butterfly + border, multiply by 2, then add a center clear space. Then divide by two, then count that number of stitches into the middle, mark the border lines, then stitch from the middle to the right, then from the middle backwards to the left.

Did you get that?

Yeah. And I suck at math. Pray for me.

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