Friday, April 3, 2009

Red Dress Update

I got the gores cut out.

I got the sleeves cut out, sewn together, and fray checked.

I need to iron the seam down, which will prolly be Saturday morning, as I have Mark's memorial today, and the Viking funeral tomorrow evening. I'll at least do the seams, but will prolly sew the front and back shoulders together Saturday.

Sunday I will prolly get the gores on the front/back pieces, up to the waistline, and if I have time, get the sleeves on it.

I have 7 days to get this done, but can't count tonight or tomorrow night. Getting down to the wire.

Then, once I'm done getting it put together, I'm going to need someone to pin it near the bust while it's on me, so I won't have to wear a bra. Then I slink out of it, and sew it up the pins, to make it tighter. The gores are going to be pretty big, but I'd like to wear petticoats under the skirt portion, so that should work out fine.

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