Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Dress

So for coronation, I have decided I want to make the "Red Dress". The pattern is from a commercial pattern I bought, and with the help of Lady Masina, I have moved the seam on the sleeves from the bottom to the back (period) and removed some of the "curviness" of the cut and made it more straight (period).

I'm still not sure what I'm doing to do with the neckline. Probably face it in the same linen as the dress, which will hide anything shown due to "see through", or perhaps face it with some of the black fabric I have left over from Jerot's t-tunic.

Anyway, with Lady Masina's help, I traced out the pattern on to painter's drop plastic, then adjusted it to fit me (size 26 from a size 24 pattern), then adjusted the cut and design of the sleeves to be more period.

Once the pattern was on the plastic, I cut the plastic out, and laid it on the $1 cotton mock-up fabric from WalMart. I sewed that together for fit, and Lady Masina again helped me make the little tweak adjustments (to make the bust tighter and more self supporting) make sure the waist cut is in the right place, and that the gore matched up with the new cut of the dress.

I got the linen (red) and sewed the ends together (to make sure the linen wouldn't fray). I washed the cloth in HOT water, on the rinse cycle, then dried it on HOT timed dry. (It filled up the lint filter.)

I bought an ironing board while I was out grocery shopping this weekend, and I will be ironing the fabric and cutting the pieces out from the pattern over the next two days.

There's a front, a back, two sleeves, and two gores. (A gore is a triangular shaped piece of fabric that is sewn in to add fullness to the skirt.) I will take pictures as I go.

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