Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Garb Patterns

Well, I've finally created my first pattern, with the help of the very knowledgeable Lady Masina. That woman is a treasure trove of information!

I had bought the Burda 7977 pattern but I've never worked with patterns before. So I followed Lady M's instructions and brought .4 mil painter's tarp, magic markers, my pattern, cloth measuring tape, and Lady Katherine graciously supplied the see through ruler. We laid the pattern out and took all my measurements and then drew the pattern onto the plastic, then drew it again with my measurements. We even made the modern armhole into a period armhole with the seam in the back, instead of the bottom.

I've bought some $1.00/yd Wally fabric for a mock up and I think I'm going to get started on that Wed/Thurs night. Amanda and Kim have a "sewing circle" on Friday nights, so I'm fully planning on going to that on a regular.

Once the mockup is done, I'll put it on, and see where I need to tweak, then take it apart and retrace the pattern on the plastic from the actual material pieces. This will give me yardage measurements and actual fit/hem/seam allowances for the red dress that I want to build. (I want to find silky wool, but I'm terribly afraid it's going to be $14/yd and I think I'm going to need quite a few yards. *sigh*

I'll try to keep up with my sewing work here. Lable: red dress.

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