Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twisted Cord

So I decided to take some of these miles of embroidery floss and make some of my own twisted cord for my next 8 tama kumi project (since I still haven't gotten my damn book). I'm NEVER ordering from that frigging Amazon vendor again!!

Wasn't sure how to make twisted cord (using embroidery floss for anything other than, well, embroidery or cross-stitch is completely new to me), so I googled it. I love the intarwebs! Found a seriously easy slideshow how to from an Aussie here.

Pic of the twisted cord:

Started with a 6 ft length of two strands of #5 DMC in "blanc" and "498". Twisting them yields 2.75 feet of usable cord.

Will take another pic once I've braided it.

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