Monday, April 13, 2009

AER: Coronation

After Event Review: Coronation April 11, 2009 Reidsville, NC BetsyJeff Penn 4H

Being a list of notes and thoughts on how to make travel/site/eventing an easier/cheaper/less stressful happening.

  1. Setting the tone of the day:
      We woke up at 4am, with a scheduled departure time of 5am.

      Everyone went to bed about midnight. This is a mistake when getting up at 4am.

      Did not factor in breakfast time.

      ACTION ITEM: Add 30 minutes for breakfast/coffee/general malaise and crankiness.

  2. Maps
      Mapblast directions do not include directional indicators, such as 70(West). All they list is 70. This is bad bad bad, especially on the back roads of North Carolina.

      Had no return direction, which cost us an hour being lost and driving to Yanceyville and back, having to get out of the car in garb and speaking to the slack eyed and drooling graveyard shift convenience store clerk, who had never heard of Greenville.

      ACTION ITEM:Print out Mapblast, Mapquest, and Google maps directions to AND FROM site, and more importantly, NEVER LET JEROT NAVIGATE. This will save 2 hours of argument in the vehicle, and probably driving to Yanceyville in the middle of the night.

  3. Health/Well Being:
      ACTION ITEM:Bring foamy sunscreen and apply every 2-3 hours. Do not tell Lady Morwenna we have some when we don't out of a weird sense of shame for not thinking about it. This leads to sunburned faces, necks, shoulders, chests, arms. Luckily it was just a little pink this time.

  4. Comfort: The gazebo and chairs were a BRILLIANT idea!
      Buy the matching tan wind walls and the sand bag things (and sand!)

      Get the sheets out within the next few weeks and come up with some well placed stitches to keep the sheets on the chairs. (Velcro??)

      Wooden TV trays OR a card table (with cover) for the middle of the gazebo would be a good thing.

      Extra sheets for covering things Just In Case.

      The cooler idea is a great one. Supplement with a large tupperware storage tote with NONE refrigerated food items and various sheets/covers/nonperishables.

      Get a Cathanar banner to display on the side/back of gazebo.

  5. Feast Style: (or, How not to look like a schlub at the table with some careful planning and purchasing.)
      Wooden box (or large-ish tupperware container with cover) for wooden feast gear/napkins/cover, the few glass goblets/bowls we have/candles/lighter.

      Pack silver silverware. Like, real KNIVES (butter and steak), forks, spoons instead of the wooden salad tossers currently in place. Keep those though, because they are excellent dishing up spoons.

      Burlap sack for dirty dishes FOR THE WIN!!

      Keep tealight candles stocked WITH LIGHTER.

      Keep a large table cover (sheet) in the feast gear box.


  6. Actually USE the camera.

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